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The brand

Launched by Chernyshova Daryna D. in 2019, CDD Jewelry is a parametric jewelry brand which brings to the world a new way of experiencing fine jewelry. Parametric design is used in architecture to adapt to the climate and external conditions, we use it to make the CDD experience unforgettable. Our collections are influenced by two factors - unique design and user-satisfaction.

“Less is more” becomes the slogan of CDD Jewelry design.

Minimalistic shapes and clean lines take the roots to Daryna’s first field of work - Architecture. Having lived and worked in various countries around the globe, Daryna defines herself as a citizen of the world and creates her designs for people with an open mind. CDD Jewelry is designed and “built” to last for your lifetime with timeless design and precious materials.

We do not follow trends, we start them.

The era of parametric fine jewelry has started, we use only 14K solid gold and rhodium plated 925 silver, so you can be sure about the perfect quality of CDD Jewelry piece. We provide you with a selection of 5 precious metals for jewelry piece customization. The order is made to order and usually ships within 3-4 weeks, it takes time to make it personal and we will make our best!


Our mission is to bring a new chapter to Ukrainian Jewelry history with innovative design solutions and personalized approach. Ukraine is booming with emerging designers, artists and architects and we are looking forward to sharing this message globally.

Parametric Design

Superior Quality

Customised Service

Worldwide Delivery