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Shop the Latest Collection of Bracelets in Gold 585 and Silver 925 with Parametric Design

Bracelets by the Modern Ukrainian Brand CDD Jewelry

The jewelry brand CDD Jewelry creates conceptual jewelry that emphasizes meanings through the geometry. Minimalist pieces, handcrafted by artisans, are distinguished by their non-standard parametric design.

CDD is an abbreviation of Chernyshova Daryna Designs, an architect and the brand's founder. She strives to return ideas and meanings to jewelry, making it special. 

The CDD Jewelry bracelet collection includes items made of 585 gold and 925 silver. They strike with a unique shape inspired by a diagram by the prominent Ukrainian mathematician Georgy Voronyi.

Minimalist Design of CDD Bracelets Inspired by Ukrainian Genius

The brand concept is closely related to Voronyi's algorithm, which is applied in many fields — from biology to architecture and robotics. It is embodied by a set of connected polygons with common edges. We can see this kind of grid everywhere — on our skin, tree leaves, giraffe spots... 

Using the geometric concept in jewelry art, CDD craftsmen create bracelets with minimalistic shapes. This approach is the key to creating bold and aesthetic jewelry. 

The WEB unisex bracelet collection reminds CDD Jewelry customers of the role of each person in a single web of life. We all have the power to influence the world, and it is crucial to realize this capability.

"The web is a metaphor for the connection of people: relatives, friends, loved ones, and strangers. The jewelry of the WEB collection is a reminder that all people are connected by flows of positive and negative energy. It reminds us that we should treat others with respect and share positive emotions with them," says Daryna Chernyshova. 

How to Choose and Order a Bracelet in the CDD Jewelry Online Store?

Unconventional jewelry with a Ukrainian soul will emphasize your personality in the best way possible. To make the bracelet as comfortable as possible to wear, pay attention to the following details:

  • Wrist size. To measure it, use a measuring tape or a regular thread. Do not neglect this simple rule, because the right size of jewelry ensures a comfortable fit.
  • Compliance with the dress code. Different looks require appropriate accessories. The uniqueness of CDD Jewelry's laconic bracelets is that they harmoniously complement both everyday and evening outfits. 
  • Metal type. The bracelet material should be high-quality, safe, and durable. In addition, when choosing a metal, consider the color scheme and overall style of your outfit. Gold and silver are always in style, so we suggest paying attention to jewelry made of these materials.
  • Type of clasp. The ideal clasp is reliable and easy to fasten and unfasten without assistance.

You can order a bracelet in the official CDD Jewelry online store with delivery in a few clicks. You will need to: 

  1. Choose a product and ensure it fully meets your preferences (design, shape, size, metal, etc.).
  2. Add the bracelet to the cart.
  3. Confirm your choice and complete the order by specifying a convenient payment method and delivery address.

Jewelry with deep meanings will take a special place in your collection. With exquisite bracelets by the Ukrainian brand CDD Jewelry, you can be sure of this!