Collection: EARRINGS

Discover Our Unique Collection of Gold 585 and Silver 925 Earrings

Earrings are a harmonious completion of any casual or formal look. They help to balance the overall look, adding sophistication and accents to it. Elegant and laconic earrings by CDD Jewelry will take a special place in your collection, as these jewelry pieces are imbued with a unique philosophy and meaning.

Earrings from the Ukrainian Brand CDD Jewelry

CDD Jewelry is hand-crafted, which makes each piece unique.  The brand's collection of earrings includes gold and silver models. Depending on your preferences, you can also buy products with and without diamonds. What is the difference between CDD Jewelry earrings and jewelry from other companies? They are the embodiment of the legacy of the famous Ukrainian mathematician Georgy Voronyi, whose algorithm is used in many fields, from biology to robotics.

The Concise Design of CDD Earrings is Minimalism with a Deep Meaning

The philosophy and design of CDD Jewelry are based on the Voronyi diagram, a geometric concept that describes the spatial relationship between closely spaced points. In fact, it reproduces a polygonal grid familiar to everyone, which you can see on your skin, lizard scales, foam bubbles, pineapple peel, etc. An innovative approach to jewelry creation combines geometric experiments and simplicity. According to the brand concept, a person is a part of a single web and has the power to influence the world. 

How to Choose and Order CDD Earrings?

1. Face shape. Depending on the design, earrings can successfully complement your look. For example, large pendant jewelry visibly lengthens the face, and small pendants will help achieve balance for a heart-shaped face.
2. Events. Consider all the aspects of specific events, including the dress code. Choose laconic earrings for everyday wear and brighter jewelry with creative designs for special occasions.
3. Type of metal. The material of the earrings should match the skin tone and style. Gold, silver, and platinum earrings will be classic solutions for any jewelry collection.
4. The shape of the earrings and the type of clasp. If you like minimalist earrings, pay attention to laconic pendants or rings. Those who like non-standard models will appreciate elongated earrings or luxurious diamond jewelry.
5. Comfort. Make sure the earrings are comfortable. Consider such criteria as jewelry weight and shape, metal characteristics, pin thickness, and clasp reliability.  All precious metal products presented on the brand's website are tested by the State Assay Service of Ukraine for compliance with the declared sample. Also, earrings and other jewelry of the brand are accompanied by a 2-year warranty.  These simple guidelines will help you choose and order beautiful earrings that will emphasize your personality and complement your jewelry collection.