All jewelry made of precious metals is checked for compliance with the declared sample at the Assay Office.

All products made of precious metals have a sealed tag (label) of the established model, which states:
  • manufacturer's name or trademark;
  • product name or article number;
  • size;
  • metal sample;
  • mass of the product;
  • name, weight, characteristics (precious group) of inserts.

The high professional level of our craftsmen and the high-quality technological process of jewelry production enable us to provide warranty service for all jewelry. 

Warranty service is a replacement or free repair of a jewelry item, which is carried out by the seller within 2 years from the date of purchase of the item.

Term of warranty service:
Warranty service is provided only if a manufacturing defect is detected.

Manufacturing defects of jewelry include:

  • assembly and fastening defects,
  • casting defects,
  • chips or cracks on the faces of the stone,
  • burrs,
  • lack of parity in paired jewelry.

The manufacturer does not bear warranty obligations in the following cases:

  • natural wear and tear of the product;
  • changing the design and structural features of the product at the request of the client;
  • if the product has traces of unqualified repair attempts;
  • if the defect is caused by force majeure, accidents, intentional or careless actions of the consumer or third parties.

Warranty service does not cover jewelry that has mechanical damage, traces of interaction with alkaline, detergents, substances containing chlorine and iodine, creams and ointments containing mercury and its compounds, as well as as a result of exposure to other external factors, exposure which can be detected by expert means. 

Warranty service provides for the elimination of hidden defects of the decoration that arose due to the fault of the manufacturer. To receive warranty repair services, you must provide the manufacturer with: jewelry tag or warranty.

Please keep the tag with the characteristics of the jewelry during the warranty period! This is the passport of your jewelry, without it we will not be able to provide warranty service.