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Pendants by Ukrainian Brand CDD Jewelry

Ukrainian brand CDD Jewelry has embodied the legacy of mathematician Georgy Voronyi in jewelry. Made of precious metal, the jewelry combines non-standard forms and deep meanings.

CDD Jewelry's collection of necklaces and pendants includes laconic pieces made of 585 gold and 925 silver. These jewelry pieces vary in shape and can be encrusted with diamonds.

The Unique Design of CDD Jewelry Pendants — Geometric Perfection

The concept of CDD Jewelry is based on the Voronyi diagram — an algorithm that describes the spatial relationship between closely spaced points. It is actively used in various fields, from biology and architecture to cosmology and robotics.

The Voronyi diagram can be seen in nature. It is embodied in polygonal patterns in giraffe coloring, lizard scales, on tree leaves, etc.

About the WEB Collection

What do the parametric pendants of the WEB collection symbolize? Unique accessories remind us that every person is a part of a single life web.

All people — us, our relatives, friends, acquaintances, and strangers — play an essential role and can influence the entire world. 

How to Select and Order Pendants at CDD Jewelry Online Store?

If you are considering buying a pendant, pay attention to the recommendations for choosing such jewelry.

Choose pendants according to your style

Pendants in different designs can better complement certain variations of clothing. For example, you should choose items on short chains for more formal looks, while longer jewelry goes well with deep cut-outs.

Evaluate the length of the necklace chain

The jewelry's design and its convenience depend on this parameter. A versatile option is a pendant with an adjustable chain. With such a model, you can change the length of the jewelry to suit different outfits.