Delivery and payment

1.1. Delivery of Products is possible to the post office branch, to the delivery address or pickup from address in Kyiv (Klovskiy descent 7, Kyiv, 01021, Ukraine). 
Standard delivery in Ukraine - 1-3 days via Nova Poshta. Courier delivery to the address within Ukraine. 
Delivery within Ukraine is free. 
1.2. Delivery of the ordered Product is carried out in the terms stipulated with the Buyer.
1.3. Delivery of the order across Ukraine is carried out at the expense of the Seller according to tariffs of service of delivery.
1.4. If for any reason the Buyer is unable to receive the ordered Product at the specified date at the address specified by the Buyer, he must notify the Seller's manager in advance (at least 24 hours) by phone, listed on the Site, and agree on a possible deadline postpone the visit or choose to change the delivery method.
1.5. In the case of courier delivery, the moment of transfer of ownership of the Product to the Buyer is the moment of transfer of the Product, which is confirmed by signing the accompanying documents. When accepting the Product, the Buyer must carefully inspect the packaging of the Product. If there are defects in the packaging, the Buyer must draw up an appropriate act together with a representative of the delivery service or courier. By accepting the Product and signing the accompanying documents without any comments, the Buyer confirms the absence of defects in the Product.
1.6. The Seller is not responsible for possible delays in delivery due to unforeseen circumstances that occurred through no fault of the Seller, which could not have been foreseen.
1.7. When delivering Products by the delivery service, the specific delivery time is agreed directly with the representative of such service. If within the agreed time and within 3 (three) calendar days the Seller and / or representatives of delivery services are unable to contact the Buyer according to the contact details left by the Buyer, the Order may be cancelled and the Goods returned to the Seller. In this case, the Order is cancelled by the Seller and the transferred prepayment to the Buyer is not refundable.
 1.8. All orders are processed within one working day during opening time which is Monday to Saturday 9.00-19.00 CET. 
1.9. Payment can be done by Visa or Mastercard card on the website (both credit and debit cards are accepted).
1.10. Cash on delivery is accepted if order is delivered to post office branch as well as in store pick up.