CDD Jewelry

CDD Jewelry is a Ukrainian jewelry brand. However, production in Ukraine is not the only thing that connects the brand to Ukraine, because the concept itself is closely related to Ukrainian heritage.

Jewelry products are created according to the mathematical algorithm of the Ukrainian mathematician Georgy Voronoy, and I am sure that each of you has seen this diagram in your life.

Georgy Voronoy is a mathematician, the founder of scientific trends in number theory, algebra and geometry. He was born in the village Zhuravka in Chernihiv region, while some members of the mathematician's family had a strong influence on the support of Ukrainian culture.
1. 2 hryvna coin, 2008
Voronoy's method is the division of a certain volume into such parts that allow creating the strongest possible structures using the minimum amount of material.
That is why the results of his research are used in , physics, chemical engineering, microbiology, ophthalmology, in solving problems of artificial intelligence, as well as architecture.
Georgy Voronoy did not invent this diagram, but translated it into a mathematical formula. Voronoy’s diagram existed many years before himself, the Ice Age and the dinosaurs. After all, the first creator of this diagram was nature itself.
We can see this geometry in the wings of a butterfly, the coloration of a giraffe, and the shape of the earth during a drought.
Moreover, each of us has such a diagram on our body, because the cells of our skin/epithelium are divided according to this method.
Nature has created so many interpretations of this geometry because the Voronoy method is a search for the most rational use of material/raw materials to achieve the most effective result. Nature itself is a model of efficiency and rationality.
This was more scientific part of the method and its origin, but Daryna, the founder, interpret this idea in jewelry from a side that has always been close to her. This is a combination of people, the boomerang method and the rule that good always returns.
Daryna calls the Voronoy diagram the WEB. Each of us (we, our relatives, acquaintances or strangers) is one of the points of the WEB. For everyone, the question mark is something of its own, it is you who give your jewelry meaning. But one way or another, we are all closely connected in this web. Each of the jewelry pieces is a reminder that we are all part of a single whole. When one point moves, the entire WEB web changes, so don't forget that each of you can change the whole world.