Collection: RINGS

Minimalistic Rings in Gold 585 and Silver 925: Inspired by Ukrainian Mathematician’s Algorithm

CDD Jewelry will appeal to those who appreciate original design and prefer Ukrainian brands.

Rings in the Online Store of the Ukrainian Brand CDD Jewelry

CDD Jewelry is a brand that creates experimental handmade jewelry. Conceptual minimalist pieces combine elegance and conciseness.

The brand's goal is to draw attention to minimalist jewelry designed according to a clear concept. Imbued with deep meanings, CDD jewelry can become a modern amulet for its owners.  

The Parametric Design of CDD Rings Is a Mathematical Algorithm Embodied in Jewelry Form

The original geometry of CDD Jewelry is based on the algorithm of Ukrainian mathematician Georgy Voronyi. The unique heritage of the scientist is still used in various spheres — biology, ecology, cosmology, robotics, etc.

A Voronyi diagram is a geometric concept that describes the spatial relationship between closely spaced points on a plane. It can be represented as a set of polygons connected by common edges. We see these patterns on our skin, tree leaves, giraffe spots, or dried ground.

Using this algorithm in the design of rings, jewelers managed to achieve a unique result. Custom rings differ from traditional jewelry in their innovative form, which has deep meanings.

About the WEB Collection

CDD rings are dedicated to the unity of humanity. They demonstrate the essential role of each of us in the world. 

According to the concept of the Ukrainian brand, all customers (us, our family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers) are one of the points of the WEB.

"The jewelry of the WEB collection is a reminder that all people are connected by flows of positive and negative energy. It reminds us to treat others with respect and share positive emotions with them."

Jewelry with a parametric design has its unique philosophy and will appeal to those who like minimalist products.