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Mini cell earrings

Mini cell earrings

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Mini Cell Earrings - Small but with Character

Art. 021070100000

  • material - 14K gold


Our Mini Cell Earrings, a perfect combination of elegant design and intricate detail. These small earrings pack a big punch, with a minimalist aesthetic that is both timeless and modern.


Made in Ukraine, these earrings are designed using the Voronoi diagram, a parametric design system created by Ukrainian mathematician Georgy Voronoy. The result is a beautiful and unique pattern that is both visually stunning and mathematically precise.


Crafted from yellow and white gold 585, these earrings are the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Their mix and match design means they can be easily paired with other pieces, while their small size adds a delicate touch to any outfit.


CDD Design

CDD jewelry pieces are created using the algorithm by Ukrainian mathematician Georgy Voronoy, this makes CDD jewelry parametric. The algorithm symbolises unity of people, and connection with your loved ones, relatives, and even strangers. Each piece is not just a jewelry, it is a symbol. Read more on About page


Each piece of CDD jewelry is handmade to order in Ukraine. At this moment, our expected lead time is 2-4 weeks. If the piece you have ordered is in stock, we will be in touch with you right away to coordinate delivery of your order.


Returns are accepted within 14 days. Items must be without wear and in original packaging. We provide 2 years jewelry warranty. Please read more about warranty.


Have a question? Contact us via whatsapp or telegram +380676000049 or fill in the contact form : Contact us

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