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WEB collection

Jewelry from the WEB collection is created according to the mathematical algorithm of the Ukrainian mathematician Georgy Voronoy, which makes CDD jewelry parametric.

But who is Georgy Voronoy? What kind is this diagram is about?
And why we are sure that each of you has encountered it in your life.

Georgy Voronyi is a mathematician, and the founder of scientific trends in number theory, algebra, and geometry. Born in the village Zhuravka in Chernihiv Oblast.


1. 2 hryvna coin, 2008

Voronoi's method - dividing a certain volume into parts allows you to create the strongest structures using the minimum amount of material.

The results of his research are also used in crystallography, information, physics, electronics, astronomy, astrophysics, chemistry, chemical engineering, microbiology, ophthalmology, and in solving problems of artificial intelligence.

The Voronoi method is a search for the most rational use of material/raw materials to achieve the most effective result.

That is why the interpretation of the Voronoi diagram can often be seen in nature because it is a model of efficiency and rationality.

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